• Active Portfolio Management 01

    „Our investment management approach does not provide us with the desired transparency on business performance and evolution.“

    Client Family Holding CFO

  • Active Portfolio Management 02

    „We have experienced problems to properly challenge management decisions, proposed strategy and budgets.“

    Private Investor acknowledging that lack of industry experiences can be an issue for any investor

  • Active Portfolio Management 03

    „My corporate investments have insufficient structures and lack balanced financing.“

    Client Private Investor about the need for a professional evergreen holding concept

  • Active Portfolio Management 04

    „I sold my own business and I want to reinvest in corporates but I lack the capabilities and resources to buy and develop such investments.“

    Retired Entrepreneur aiming to re-invest part of his funds into corporate investments

  • Corporate Development 01

    „We want to expand our business by acquisition, but to identify adequate targets has been an issue so far.“

    Company Owner about their limited global reach

  • Corporate Development 02

    „We have identified a suitable target but we lack relevant industry knowledge and experience to execute a professional acquisition process.“

    Client CEO about a targeted horizontal business expansion

  • Transaction Preparation and Execution 01

    „I am uncertain about the potential synergies I should expect from this strategic acquisition.“

    Client COO during target diligence process

  • Transaction Preparation and Execution 02

    „We are planning to sell a portfolio company but do not have the right person to execute it.“

    Client Family Holding CEO

  • Transaction Preparation and Execution 03

    „I am planning to sell my company and would like to prepare the organization in order to achieve a high valuation and a smooth selling process.“

    Entrepreneur to plan his retirement and transition

  • Post Transaction Integration & Governance Enforcement 01

    „After the closing we must start steering the acquired company immediately according to our strategic objectives, but the current governance structure does not empower our holding adequately.“

    Client Holding-CFO after signing an acquisition

  • Post Transaction Integration & Governance Enforcement 02

    „Within our corporate holding we miss adequate control and power enforcement on our corporate investments.“

    Family Holding Owner highlighting a major challenge to steer his business

Positive Alpha Services provides professional services for investors to build, manage and optimize their portfolio investments with a focus on long-term and value-based investment strategies in specific industries.

Our vision is to serve German and international investors as well as professional family structures with tailored investment advice and diligent execution of investment management responsibilities. We realize and grow our customers’ investments as well as create, run and optimize complete evergreen investment holdings.

Our professionals bring in their extensive experience in active investment management as well as general management expertise of international mid-sized software & technology companies.

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