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  Günther Holding

Having its roots in the German number lotteries, Günther Holding has become a renowned evergreen holding with rigid investment principles and clear governance, nowadays. We have supported the Günther Family among other matters with:

  • Creation of a corporate holding structure from legal, tax and financing point of view
  • Definition and implementation of corporate investment specific procedures, committees and guidelines
  • Strategic plan to transfer all corporate and real-estate investments tax neutral under one corporate investment holding
  • Active portfolio management i.e. executing successful acquisitions and disposals of various investments with a transaction value exceeding EUR 300 Mio.

GCT is a family-owned oil and gas trading business and has been established in the early 80ties. GCT has a wide range of national and international investments in different asset classes. We have supported GCT with:

  • Execution of the analysis and negotiation for a targeted Far-East joint venture project
  • Execution of various other corporate development assignments
  • Execution of a debt-to-equity swap transaction on a Russian oil field investment.

Archtexx is a business architecture consulting firm that advises global leaders on innovative, sustainable IT strategies that deliver tangible business value. They assist clients to operationalize business strategies, optimize process design, enhance enterprise architecture and delivery excellence capabilities. We have supported Archtexx with:

  • Project-related Evergreen Investment Management advice
  • M&A project support
  • Family holding restructuring concept
Metaways Infosystems GmbH
  • Implementing tools and procedures to improve business and financial transparency on the day-to-day operation
  • Supporting the acquisition of an extended working capital facility as part of the overall extension of METAWAYS' financial means
Corporate Health AG
  • Preparation of seed capital acquistion for an innovative business concept
  • Preparation and execution of the investors' search
  • Contribution of CFO skill set during start-up phase

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